Decameron Colombia

San Andres

This archipelago made up of the islands of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, islets and keys; Has been classified as World Biosphere Reserve "Sea Flower" and is located 720 km to the northwest of the Colombian mainland. It is characterized by its warm climate, informal atmosphere, colorful architecture, exquisite gastronomy and Caribbean flavor, where to the sound of its music: reggae, calypso and socca you will live an unimaginable experience.

The island of San Andres was discovered by Englishmen in 1516 and frequented at different times by Spaniards, Africans, French, Dutch, and later by Chinese and Arabs, from whom it inherited its culture and bilingual status. Its economy is based on tourism, fishing and commerce, thus being a picturesque contrast between peace, tranquility, and shops to delight you buying at excellent prices "Duty Free". San Andrés with its different races and cultures, is the perfect place to escape from vacations.


Providencia, colorful, mountainous and with sources of fresh water, of fishermen and farmers shelters a pleasant and calm atmosphere thanks to that its inhabitants have managed to maintain the caribbean essence of the island.

This island of Providencia has the charm of the sea of ​​seven colors with warm, calm and crystalline waters, surrounded by a barrier reef and variety of marine species perfect for diving, snorkeling, and sport fishing. To this is added its beaches of white sand and the kindness of its people.

Coffee Grower of Colombia
Where the aroma of coffee mixes with nature and the countryside. Its warm climate, its theme parks, the hotel and the villas Decameron PANACA, the kindness of its people and the focus that they give to the good attention of the tourist make of this new destination the perfect place for your family holidays, educational walks and Business conventions.

Cartagena de Indias 

Cartagena de Indias, the heroic city of America and historical heritage of mankind, is located on the Colombian Caribbean coast. It was discovered in 1501 by Rodrigo Bastidas and founded in 1533 by Don Pedro de Heredia, in 1574 King Felipe II named it "City" thanks to the importance that it had as a port for the Spaniards. Cartagena later achieved the complete independence of Spain in 1811. It is divided by walls dating from the seventeenth century in an archaic "ancient city", and a cosmopolitan "modern city."

It is world renowned for its nightlife where a diversity of restaurants offering a wide variety of gastronomy, bars and discos delight all tastes. Its streets are full of shops and boutiques offering everything from emeralds, gold and pre-Columbian treasures to the highest quality clothing, shoes, accessories and cosmetics, all at very convenient prices.

We invite you to rest and enjoy on the beaches of Boca Grande, to travel by boat to the paradisiac Islands of the Rosary, to walk through the historic walled city appreciating its monuments, or simply to enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the Caribbean hideaways .


Royal Decameron Barú

Located in the Islas del Rosario, the Royal Decameron Barú Hotel is characterized by its beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters surrounded by an environment of exotic lagoons and mangroves that combine with a sea front and the most spectacular barrier of multicolored corals. All these factors make this hotel an exquisite place to rest, have fun, sunbathe, practice water sports and much more.

The design of the hotel is of a modern tropical type, mixing with the natural surroundings of the area. It is located in the Island of Barú, 90 minutes from the international airport of Cartagena, has 4 restaurants, 5 bars, 3 swimming pools, Convention Center equipped with state-of-the-art equipment with capacity for 700 people and a business center.

Island Palma

A small paradise in the Caribbean, it is an exclusive private island, located in the Rosario Islands of the Archipelago San Bernardo National Park, two hours by boat from Cartagena.

Those who love nature and enjoy the warmth and sensual aromas of the ocean, mixed with the Caribbean vegetation, will find in this small and charming destination a unique refuge, surrounded by white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and tranquility.


Santa Marta

Founded in 1525 by Rodrigo Bastidas, it is the oldest surviving colonial city in Colombia and South America. It was built in the foothills of a Sierra Nevada to be used as a convenient base for the commerce of incalculable gold treasures of the Tayrona Indians. Nearby, Tayrona National Park, El Rodadero, Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino (where Liberator Simon Bolivar died), Bello Horizonte, and innumerable beaches, rivers and paradisiacal landscapes, will ensure you a movie vacation.

Santa Marta is one of the main destinations of sun and beach of the Colombian Caribbean, it is a small paradise that transmits the tranquility of nature, the essence of the old architecture and the call of the sea. In addition, the contrast of the largest snow-covered mountain range in the world, a few minutes from the most beautiful beaches, make this destination an unparalleled paradise.

The Amazon jungle

Enchanted place surrounded by wildlife and spectacular waters, the Amazon considered the lung of the world offers an infinite variety of possibilities for fun and relaxation; The indigenous villages, the vegetation and the beautiful birds make you want to stay in this land to never leave it

Decameron Tota Hotels, Boyaca - Colombia

The three hotels affiliated with the chain of Hotels Decameron are located on the road Sogamoso - Aquitaine on the shores of Lake Tota; Which makes these Hotels warm places to enjoy the beauty of nature. You can appreciate its beauty from the facilities of any of the hotels; Rooms with fireplace, restaurants and / or rooms, all with Lake view.

On the other hand find the gastronomy of the region within the restaurants of the hotels, this tour around the rainbow trout is grown in the Lake of Tota; Smoked trout is recommended. This dish alone or accompanied by delicious sauces, becomes an excellent choice when it comes to lunch or dinner.

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